Welcome to minimepals.com  we are a family of personalized plush toys that make a fun and unique gift for many occasions. You can choose from our variety of different plush toy characters and we also have different sizes small and large. We make great souvenir gifts for special occasions like Weddings, graduations, anniversaries and Valentines day. It all begins with you selecting your mini me pal, uploading your photo then picking the desired size.  From there we transfer your photo on to a 3 dimensional plastic film, then we combine your face with your selected mini me plush toy.

Mini Me’s range in size from small to large approximately 4 – 6 inches in height.



How It works….

Simply send us your favorite color digital photo of yourself, friend, family member or loved one and we will make them into your very own custom plush toy.


The photo should be ideally looking straight at the camera and close up of the entire face (no side view pictures) Clear pictures work best. The better the quality picture, the better your Mini me will look!

Step 1

Select the plush doll of your choice from our mini me pal gallery.

Step 2

Upload your selected photo of the persons face you would like to use. (you cant check out without uploading your photo)

Step 3

Select the size of your Mini Me Pal.

Step 4

Click Add to cart, then click Proceed To Check Out or keep shopping, purchase your item through pay pal.

You are done, Congratulations you are now apart of the mini me family!