How do I place an order?

Click on Shop, pick your mini me pal, upload your photo, select the size you want, add it to your shopping cart, then check out.

Q:  How Do I send my picture?

A:  After you selected your item click on the choose file button then select the photo you would like to upload from your computer, then click upload button and the photo will be sent to us once you have checked out.

Q:  Will a cell phone picture work?

A:  Yes, as long as its clear, close up picture of the face, with the person facing directly at the camera it will work. The better the picture quality the better your mini me will look.

Q:  Will you edit the face picture for me?

A:  We Do Not edit any photos, but we do Crop them.

Q:  Why does my picture take so long to upload?

A:  Try reducing the image size for quicker upload time.

Q:  How long does it take to ship?

A:  Your items will be shipped out within 1-3 business days from the time we received your order, Shipping time will be approximately 2-5 business days (US only).  International Shipping times are approximately 7-14 business days (Standard Shipping) no tracking is available with international shipping orders, tracking can be purchased at an additional cost.